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Hamilton and Wenham, Massachusetts
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Articles from the local newspapers regarding taxes, overrides, and relevant subjects.

Salem News, March 11, 2009 
Steve Landwehr: 
Group seeks more cash from seminary

Salem News, March 05, 2009 
Steve Landwehr: 
Hamilton considers tax break for seniors

Salem News, May 02, 2008 
Steve Landwehr: 
School Administrators Top Hamilton Salary List

Wall Street Journal, August 23, 2008 
Lewis M. Andrews: 
Connecticut Faces a School Tax Revolt

Salem News, April 24, 2008 
Barbara Anderson: 
Waiting For a New Revolution

Salem News, June 13, 2008 
Steve Landwehr 
Hamilton School - Override Over At Last

Salem News, June 7, 2008

Steve Landwehr 
Recount doesn't change outcome of Hamilton school override vote

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Citizens for Limited Taxation
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Citizens for Limited Taxation
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