Enough is Enough
Hamilton and Wenham, Massachusetts






Chapter 2:  District Administration & Governance                                      2-1—2-33          

Chapter 3:  Human Resources Management                                               3-2—3-35  

Chapter 4:  Financial Management                                                               4-1—4-37          

Chapter 5;  Educational Service Delivery and Management                       5-1—5-43          

Chapter 6:  Facilities                                                                                      6-6—6-45            

Chapter 7:  Food Service                                                                              7-1—7-35            

Chapter 8:  Transportation                                                                            8-1—8-19          

Chapter 9:  Technology Management                                                          9-1—9-19          

Chapter 10: Athletic and Extracurricular Activities                                     10-1—10-18    

2-1 2-3 Strengthen  relationship between HWRSD school administrators and teachers regarding the SC's role in governance.     
2-2 2-5 Revise SC Meeting agenda.     
2-3  2-8 Expand online agendas to include handouts to SC.    
2-4 2-8 Create a form to highlight SC action items.    
2-5 2-10 Implement a yearly self-evaluation by the SC.    
2-6 2-13 Conduct complete review of all SC policies.    
2-7  2-17 Develop a comprehensive admin. procedures manual.    
2-8 2-17 Assign assistant superintendent to be admin. liaison for policy development.    
2-9 2-21 Staff both middle and high schools with a principal and delete Asst. Principal at the middle school.    
2-10 2-22 Create a Teacher Advisory Council.    
2-11 2-24 Admin. to continue to provide weekly updates to SC.    
2-12 2-25 Provide leadership team minutes for follow up and monitoring system.    
2-13 2-27 Create a performance-based central office evaluation system    
2-14 2-31 Expedite plans to develop a strategic plan and district improvement plan as required by state law.    
2-15 2-35 Involve students to support the HWRSD's Ed. Fund.    
3-1  3-3 Explore hiring and sharing an HR admin. with both towns.    
3-2 3-7 Re-title Admin. Assistant to reflect personnel duties concentration.    
3-3 3-10 Develop mission and performance goals for HR operation for HWRSD.    
      IMPLEMENT          YES          NO SAVINGS YES    NO
3-4 3-10 Develop key performance indicators for HR function and provide annual report.    
3-5 3-14 Develop and adopt a complete set of personnel policies.    
3-6 3-15 Develop written internal practices procedures and work flow processes including a plan for an annual review and revision of personnel procedures.    
3-7 3-17 Develop policy and admin. procedure on central office and school-based personnel records ensuring security access, confidentiality and legal compliance.     
3-8 3-19 Utilize districts multi-function copier/scanner and implement scanning process for personnel records.    
3-9 3-20 Implement a plan focused on increasing recruitment and retention of qualified employees.    
3-10 3-21 Conduct exit surveys for all departing employees and use data to improve retention.    
3-11 3-23 Develop an employee handbook including references to policy and procedural info.    
3-12 3-26 Create formal plan for periodic reviews and maintenance of compensation and classification plan for HWRSD.    
3-13 3-28 Explore expanding teacher step plan to alleviate compression at top end.    
3--14 3-29 Review, revise and create accurate job class descriptions that reflect job duties and requirements.     
3-15 3-31 Refine and unify performance evaluation instruments for non-instructional employees, including goals and objectives.    
      IMPLEMENT          YES          NO SAVINGS YES    NO
3-16 3-32 Develop and implement an employee performance assessment training program for managers and supervisors.    
3-17 3-35 Seek to negotiate flexibility of compensation practices and policies with various collective bargaining groups.    
3-18 3-36 Start communication with union leaders to extend existing contracts beyond the one-year contract extension.    
4-1 4-8 Develop a policy on the excess and deficiency account providing guidance on minimum account balance, what funds can be used for, and require routine status reports to SC.    
4-2 4-9 Prepare quarterly reports for district special revenue and revolving funds and accounts.    
4-3 4-12 Implement additional shared services with both towns to reduce costs and increase efficiencies.    
4-4 4-13 Establish a policy that does not allow accounts to be negative.    
4-5 4-15 Develop and document a cost methodology when calculating fees.    
4-6 4-17 Adopt a formal policy for tracking and reporting on various audit recommendations made to HWRSD.    
4-7 4-18 Identify critical functions performed by finance staff and document procedures in a comprehensive procedures manual,    
4-8 4-20 Develop a user manual for school and department staff to assist completion of finance and budget-related duties and training for same.    
      IMPLEMENT          YES          NO SAVINGS YES    NO
4-9 4-23 Examine budget trends and identify expenses increasing at higher than average rates.  Establish budget targets to not exceed state averages.    
4-10 4-25 Establish a budget control system where schools and departments are accountable for their budgets.    
4-11 4-28 Improve districts budget documents.  Use guidance from national associations.    
4-12 4-30 Create user-friendly, monthly budget reports for SC and train SC how to interpret the info.    
4-13 4-33 Develop a process to determine impact on class sizes for school choice students in years subsequent to initial enrollment.     
4-14 4-35 Revise purchasing procedures so departments can purchase small dollar items without so many pre-approvals.    
4-15 4-37 Implement a purchasing card program to increase efficiencies.    
4-16 4-38 Review treasurer's bank reconciliations to ensure timely reconciliations.    
4-17 4-40 Track fixed assets acquired with district funds and develop a fixed asset policy.    
4-18 4-41 Develop a policy that requires competitive proposals for independent and auditing services at designated intervals of at least five years.    
4-19 4-42 Establish selection criteria for local banking services.  Solicit proposals.    
5-1 5-3 Develop a communication plan to all instructional staff for timely    info. on district leadership plans.    
      IMPLEMENT          YES          NO SAVINGS YES    NO
5-2 5-5 Maintain uniform focus on curricular and instructional priorities by scheduling regular meetings with resource staff.    
5-3 5-6 Develop a plan and timeline for evaluation of educational programs and services.    
5-4 5-7 Identify and replicate successful processes, procedures and practices where standards-driven curriculum is optimized and student performance is improving.    
5-5 5-9 Develop policies guiding instructional programs, evaluation, and curricular issues.    
5-6 5-14 Continue to monitor revenues versus expenses for school choice students to maintain an acceptable balance.    
5-7 5-15 Ensure school improvement plans are developed in compliance with state timelines and have specific accountability embedded and include three-year, as well as annual goals.    
5-8 5-19 Standardize and reduce teacher planning time to one period per day in all schools.    
5-9 5-22 Increase the student to teacher ratios towards levels comparable to peer school districts.    
5-10 5-24 Compare SPED staffing in light of programs offered for HWRSD peer school districts to determine equivalency.    
5-11 5-25 Eliminate stipends for activities such as bus duty and substitute calling.    
5-12 5-27 Continue to implement paraprofessional study recommendations.    
      IMPLEMENT          YES          NO SAVINGS YES    NO
5-13 5-29 Create processes that ensure consistency of technology in HWRSD schools.    
5-14 5-36 Develop procedures, forms and training for student assistance teams to ensure consistency of identification and services for all students in the district.    
5-15 5-38 Develop, with the SC, parameters for decision making to identify ways to balance the need to consider overall student welfare along with the public's desires.    
5-16 5-40 Convene a group to examine factors that may impact graduation and dropout rates of SPED students.  Develop action plans.    
5-17 5-42 Remove responsibility for attendance from all nurses.  Eliminate one nurse position.    
5-18 5-43 Examine tasks conducted by school psychologist, adjustment counselor and behavior specialist.  Consider adding a guidance counselor to middle school.    
5-19 5-45 Use National Staff Development Council (NSDC) standards for professional development planning and training.    
5-20 5-47 Re-examine the way HWRSD rewards teachers for national board certification.  Consider changing to a set stipend. I  
5-21 5-51 Develop processes to create a two-way feedback channel between schools and central office regarding Wednesday PM.    
6-1 6-5 Prepare and implement a five-year facilities master planning process in the HWRSD.    
6-2  6-10 Include a thorough and exhaustive schedule for preventive maintenance actions that must be funded.    
      IMPLEMENT          YES          NO SAVINGS YES    NO
6-3 6-13 Include full ADA compliance in formulation of five-year facilities master plan.    
6-4 6-14 Renovate high school auditorium.    
6-5 6-16 Perform energy retrofits with ESCO.    
6-6 6-19 Commit to plan to preserve operations at all three elementary schools.    
6-7 6-28 Maintain HWRSD elementary school grade distribution and configuration as currently exists.    
6-8 6-30 Relocate district admin. to high school and terminate lease of Center building.    
6-9 6-31 Develop contemporary and official HWRSD policies for facilities planning, design, construction,  use and management.    
6-10 6-38 Create a proper chart of maintenance categories and accounts for budgeting and spending purposes.    
6-11 6-40 Commit to a minimum funding of building maintenance and repair at two percent of building replacement.     
6-12 6-43 Proactively pursue and support and process of the eventual merger of both towns, DPWs including HWRSD buildings.    
6-13 6-44 Select and implement a computerized maintenance system (CMMS).    
6-14 6-52 Seek the advice of a facilities use consultant to raise income for outside use of school facilities.    
7-1 7-7 Re-address the HWRSD wellness policy, procedures and overall program.    
      IMPLEMENT          YES          NO SAVINGS YES    NO
7-2 7-8 Actively use all aspects of the National Food Service Mgt. Institute's six quality performance mgt. measurements.    
7-3 7-14 Develop and implement a formal plan for improving productivity at schools to meet the minimum range of meals per labor hour (MPLH).    
7-4 7-19 Align all cashier physical placements at end of cafeteria line to maximize efficiency.    
7-5 7-22 Purchase a point of sale (POS) software system to imporve efficiency and operational effectiveness.    
7-6 7-23 Develop an action plan to increase student participation.    
7-7 7-24 Consolidate food service operations at high school and middle school campuses.    
7-8 7-27 Coordinate efforts with friends organizations to develop community volunteers for lunch rooms.    
7-9 7-31 Pursue efforts to increase participation rates by a minimum of 5% per year cumulatively for five years.    
7-10 7-40 Add additional food service vending machines to the middle school campus.    
7-12 7-42 Identify indirect and unreported costs and apply valid costs and charges to HWRSD food service operation.    
8-1  8-9 Establish one, consistent, formal point of contact for Salter Transportation Services.    
8-2 8-12 Formally reconcile annual transpotation routes prior to communicating to stakeholders.    
8-3 8-14 Update the HWRSD student transportation policy and submit accurate data to the state.    
      IMPLEMENT          YES          NO SAVINGS YES    NO
8-4 8-16 Document hazardous route criteria in HWRSD for official records.    
8-5 8-18 Establish quarterly reporting from Salter Transportation to HWRSD on key performance indicators.    
8-6 8-20 Review, monitor and implement all reporting requirements authorized in the Salter bid specifications and contract.    
8-7 8-21 Accurately document and report reimbursable versus non-reimbursable students for the state's end-of-year report.    
8-8 8-23 Conduct a formal documented review and analysis of SPED transportation.    
8-9 8-24 Revise the job description of the Director of Student Services to include responsibilities for SPED transportation.    
9-1 9-3 Eliminate the district's relationship with the IT external contractor.    
9-2 9-5 Hire a half-time computer support technician who would report to the HWRSD technology coordinator.    
9-3 9-7 Create an IT organizational infrastructure to formalize responsibilities, reporting relationships and work flows to encourage consistency and accountability in technology.    
9-4 9-8 Create a Technology Planning Committee comprised of leaders from across the district to assess future IT needs.    
9-5 9-9 Prepare a comprehensive, multi-year technology plan which includes strategic direction.    
9-6 9-10 Develop a disaster recovery plan to cover critical systems.    
9-7 9-12 Create a technology procedures manual.    
      IMPLEMENT          YES          NO SAVINGS YES    NO
9-8 9-13 Develop and implement performance measures for assessing admin. and IT outcomes.    
9-9 9-14 Analyze a help desk ticket tracking system for HWRSD.    
9-10 9-18 Develop a more detailed technology training expectation for HWRSD staff.    
9-11 9-20 Incorporate IT storage needs into facility revision plans to accommodate demands of IT maintenance and safekeeping.    
9-12 9-21 Develop and implement an IT computer preventative maintenance checklist for the district.    
9-13 9-22 Develop a detailed IT inventory matrix which lists computers, components, serial numbers and item location.    
10-1 10-14 Develop and maintain annual comparative data related to stipends in peer school districts.    
10-2 10-15 Evaluate the gate receipt process annually and make rcommendations as appropriate.    
10-3 10-16 Develop a formal annual performance report on athletics for the SC.    
10-4 10-18 Maintain a full-time Athletic Director for HWRSD.    

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