Enough is Enough
Hamilton and Wenham, Massachusetts

About Us


ENOUGH IS ENOUGH (EIE) is a grassroots organization of concerned citizens from Hamilton and Wenham.

Our goal is to ensure that town government and schools operate for the benefit of all citizens in a fiscally responsible and cost effective manner.

To that end, our group is opposed to the passage of all Proposition 2 1/2 overrides for operating expenses.

Property tax overrides place undue stress on the families of our towns and result in reduced property values.  EIE will work with government officials and community leaders to find cost saving solutions to meet our goal.

We are open to ideas from all of our fellow citizens, but will not join together or advocate with citizens’ groups that promote the passage of overrides.


Our History

Six weeks before the town elections in Hamilton and Wenham in May 2008, Jim Kent, a Hamilton resident wrote a letter to the editor asking for citizen participation in a group aimed at defeating the $1.8 million school funding override.   A group got together, decided to call themselves “Enough is Enough”, a battle cry to stop the budget busting pending override. 

It was an exciting six weeks, with members walking the streets talking to neighbors, volunteers making signs, helping elders with absentee ballots, writing letters to the editor and distributing flyers.


In a very close election, the override was passed, in Hamilton by only 35 votes.  Even with the defeat of our objective, EIE believed that the election result was a tremendous accomplishment considering the short time frame of the group effort.  Most importantly, the group became very cohesive and fast friends.  Over 100 people contributed in some way. 


In June of 2008, Enough is Enough(citizens for fiscal responsibility) reorganized. Jim Kent our founder is now co-chair along with this writer, Robert Sica.

The group’s leadership also includes Elizabeth Dunbar as Secretary, and Ed Howard as Treasurer.  Several key committees have been formed with many volunteers actively at work.


We are hard at work in activities that will strengthen town government and provide cost effective services to all of our citizens.


Our group welcomes your participation in our efforts. Please contact us through the email links provided in this Website.  Contributions are needed of both time and money and are greatly appreciated.


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